Sample Agenda

Sample Agenda

It's a good idea to plan on about 3 hours for your party if the children are 5 or over. Any more and they will begin to loose interest in your party, no matter how much fun you have planned.

If your party lasts from 11:00 - 2:00 this would be a sample timing:

11:00 - 11:45 ( Crafts ) As guests arrive have them make a craft. You can order western cowboy hats and bandannas for the western theme, and tu-tu's for girl parties or have the girls dress up in pretty princess outfits. Or you could just direct them to the food, drinks and bath room. They can hang with the birthday child till most of the guests arrive.

We will start the pony rides once the crafts are completed around 12:00.

12:00 - 1:00 (Pony Rides) Were all set up and ready to entertain the children. Let the party begin! The pony rides will place the second hour and the kids waiting for a ride can play with the animals on the farm. around 1:00 pm we will take a professional photo of your child then take the saddle of the riding pony to get him ready for the "Paint the Pony".

When the kids are done riding they will be directed to the brushing pony.

1:00 to 1:15 ( Clean Up ) We will wash up and the cake and opening gifts will take place.

1:00 to 1:45 ( Cake and gifts ) The cake will be served.

The opening of presents is finished then you can distribute your party favors.

From Oct 1st to June 1st to September s considered our summer hours for the paint a pony.


We look forward to making your child's birthday party a huge success!

The cost is $350.00 here at the farm.

You will sullpy your own cake and drinks. We will have a refrigerator for your use.


Food Ideas

When it comes to food, party goers are usually perfectly content to eat pizza or hot dog's, chips, finger sandwiches, veggie plate.

Reservations: 720-917-6931